I Aim To Shoot for the Scaffolds

I no longer wish to be part of a system in which I must give up my body and sanity. To give my life to a corporation that neither appreciates me as an individual nor understands the human need to bathe in sunlight and yearning to see the vastness of the open skies. Instead I wish to use my time for play amongst the people I love. I wish to see people utilizing their creativity not for the efficiency of profit but for breaking free of learned dependency upon outside institutions and creating interdependent collections of communities. As we’ve grown accustomed to living in our cages, having specific types of relationships, following models of predetermined learning and beneficial activities or life’s work, we’ve forgotten what it feels like to create from our surroundings. We depend on waste management to rid ourselves of the muck we wish to ignore. But couldn’t we be utilizing our excrement to help grow our gardens and feed our community? Couldn’t we refuse to buy packaged commodities and make or reuse what is already existing in our homes or what our neighbors have stashed away in their hoarded piles of useful resources? Couldn’t we form new relationships and new forms of manifested spontaneous inspiration? We ought to be brainstorming what it means to share and what our security needs are. How can we help ourselves efficiently become the people we are at our heights of manifestation for the benefit of all? We need to be able to identify and satisfy our longings, to satiate our individual core needs and to express ourselves without shame or fear of insanity. To realize we don’t need the commodities we surround ourselves with. How do we reuse and create with the abundance inherent in our lives?

My occupation is dreaming. I share for a living. My skills are smiling and laughing. If I ran a business, I’d give free smiles to strangers I passed by on the streets. I might even manufacture halos of white light or project Care Bear Stares into the hearts of cops.

Why are people so afraid to break loose? To give into joy, to follow their simplest dreams and desires? Is this not what we should be in the business of? What would you rather do, if you weren’t in that cubicle, on that phone all day, if you weren’t selling an amalgam of what used to be precious resources? Who would you be if you took your daydreams seriously? What exactly are we doing now, in this waking dream at work? We are in the service of others. We take pride in our work. We enjoy the interactions we have with fellow workers. We enjoy the independence; we enjoy the teamwork. We want more vacation time, health coverage and a little extra money in our pockets. But what if we stopped caring so much about what’s driving us crazy and making us empty inside and coming up with solutions to what itself is insane? What if we brainstormed ways of never needing to do deadening work for income? How do we organize the resources we have to improve distribution? How can we take back our shared land and what would we do with it? What is it that you excel at, can teach, and can form? Do you love cooking and gardening? How do you make clothes or spin fibers? How do you make a fire, build an oven, a house, get people to talk about their feelings? What do you see beyond the paperwork, beyond the paper money, beyond the walls, even beyond the trees and out past the sky?

I’m not in the business of telling other people how they should think; I would like to employ people with the concept that they have whatever it takes to be a free person as we all hold the ability to create what we desire. Everyone has the power to share who they are, to be useful in communities, and that is exactly what we need if we are going to live in a world in which we can all effectively live with liberated wills. I don’t want to employ experts; I want to employ people who exist. Do you exist? There are plenty of job openings which need filling. We need to work on making a new society. Do you want a job? You’re hired! Benefits include anything you can imagine and create with your community.



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