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Weekly Link Round-Up May 21-27

A gathering of worthwhile links of interest. Presence here does not indicate agreement on our part. Are Voters Just Rooting for Clothes? By Dave Berri Occupy’s “Guitarmy” (video) What Happened to the Occupy Movement? by Arun Gupta Why America is Doomed to One Disaster After Another by Gabriel Kolko Quebec’s Student Strike Celebrates 100th Day … Continue reading

Weekly Link Round-Up May 13th-20th

A collection of links gathered here for your enjoyment. David Graeber and David Harvey in Conversation (video) May Day Matters by Cindy Milstein Nothing Nice to Say (punk webcomic) about Tom Gabel Coming Out as Transgender Paul Mason on Greece’s Syriza Political Party New Orleans Summer Freeskool Classes (humor) Violence is a Small River, to … Continue reading

Weekly Link Round-Up

A gathering of worthwhile links of interest. Presence here does not indicate agreement on our part. Who is Oakland: Anti-Oppression Activism, the Politics of Safety, and State Co-optation ‘Bout to Explode: A Day in the Life of a Precarious Worker David Harvey Interview Tom Gabel of Against Me! is Transgender Why Paul Krugman is Full … Continue reading

Comrades in Common Struggle

By JenQ A thriving ecosystem gets its top blown off, becomes coal, becomes heat, becomes cancerous for surrounding areas. In turn, animal populations are displaced and human communities fight for the recognition of work-related illnesses. Groups of mammals are taken from their land, crossbred into obedience, and continuously subjected to reproductive labor. Vast amounts of the … Continue reading

On May Day

by Matt “The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you are throttling today”. These were the last words spoken by August Spies, a Haymarket martyr killed in 1886. His crime was a belief in anarchism and the right of workers to the eight-hour workday, which led to his … Continue reading

An Outline of Alliance

The ongoing drama of global capital and the resistances it engenders has meant a year filled with riots, revolutions, and extra-parliamentary politics at home and abroad.  As diverse movements and voices rise against our enemies, anarchists have been forced to analyze the possibilities of new bedfellows in our fight for liberation.  Occupy’s uneasy coalition of … Continue reading

May was Time to Leave

Some sort of biological clock is going off in me right now. May is here. Birds are going nuts. Cherry trees are giving up their blossoms. People are manically swarming the parks, swilling Pabst and playing kickball. This always used to be the time of the year that would kill me. Continually, year after year, … Continue reading

Weekly Link Round-Up

This is the first in what we hope will be a weekly round-up of links that are of interest. Not all of these are new and not all of them are necessarily agreeable, but they are all gathered here for your enjoyment and edification. The Capitalism We Protest – Response to Seattle Times Writer Jon … Continue reading