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Weekly Link Roundup 6/18-6/25

Rare Photo of Workers Barricade Paris 1848 *A gathering of worthwhile links of interest both old and new. Presence here does not indicate agreement on our part. THE LEFT’S BIG SELLOUT: HOW THE ACLU & HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS QUIETLY EXTERMINATED LABOR RIGHTS (blog post) SPD Pepper-Sprays Protesters and Pride Revelers: from the Stranger (article) It Gets Better: Seattle Police … Continue reading

Notes from Abroad

By SamI spent the last two-and-a-half years of my life as a migrant laborer, teaching English in South Korea. I didn’t exactly choose to pick up and leave my life in the states; I didn’t have much choice. Given the state of the economic crisis and the non-existent job market in Portland, working abroad seemed … Continue reading

Earth First Rendezvous

By Tripp I’m sprinting up the state forest road as fast as I can, but I find myself heaving breaths after two sleepless days. Up the way a friend shouts “FLIP THE VAN!” Half of me wants to stop it from being flipped; the other half really wants to push it over.  Still running, I … Continue reading

The Whole World Stops Watching

By Mike and Emily Occupy is dead. Its original incarnation has reached its memetic peak, and it cannot re-create a spectacle akin to that of last fall. Mainstream media, crucial to popular awareness of Occupy Wall Street, has made the judgment that if Occupiers can’t force it to pay attention by pulling off some daring … Continue reading

Paul Goodman, Out of Obscurity

By Matthew HoustonPaul Goodman was considered by many the “philosopher of the New Left,” a person whose writings and reflections had profound impact on the generation of the 60s, and the resurgence of his works in the last few years is heartening. In 2010, PM Press published three works: The Paul Goodman Reader, Drawing the … Continue reading

Solidarity with Paxana

By Anon. “Revolutionary solidarity is, above all, a revolutionary practice. What this means is that it carries within itself the aims of revolution. For this reason, as anarchists, we cannot base solidarity on any authoritarian or economic foundations. It is not a matter of obligation, duty, or debt. No one owes anyone solidarity, regardless of … Continue reading

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Weekly Link Round-Up 5/28-6/3

Save the Rich by Garfunkel & Oates (Video-Humor) Cocaine, Death Squads and the War on Terror by Belén Fernández Whitherburo Modesto Anarcho-And Now They are Coming for You The Legend of the Spat-Upon Veteran by David Sirota