Tuesday News Round-up: April 2, 2013

  • Olympia, Washington announces its May Day march.
  • A NATO 5 defendent, Sebastian “Sabi” Senakiewicz, has been transferred to an Illinois criminal boot camp as part of his 4-year sentence for allegedly making terrorist threats to an undercover federal agent, claiming he had explosives, when in reality he didn’t. Senakiewicz, a Polish citizen, will likely be deported once his stint in boot camp is up. While housed there, he cannot receive mail or phone calls.
  • Reportback from Chile’s annual Day of Combatant Youth protests.
  • Forum in Northeast Portland will talk about gentrification of the Cully neighborhood.
  • An Exxon-owned tar sands pipeline in Arkansas broke on Friday night, dumping thousands of gallons of oil, and Exxon’s not being forthcoming about what it knows or what it plans to do about it.
  • The “Monsanto Protection Act” is a rider attached to an emergency spending bill, shields biotech firms from injunctions that would halt the growing of their products while they’re involved in a lawsuit. It passed in the Senate last week. Here’s who gets the most from Monsanto.
  • Oaxacans fight the installation of a wind farm in critical land claimed by indigenous groups. In clashes with police on March 26, 22 people were injured and government agents attacked Radio Totopo, a community radio station and meeting space.
  • Stockton California can seek bankruptcy, according to a judge, becoming the largest city in the U.S. to do so.
  • The hunger strike at the indefinite detention camp at Guantanamo now involves 39 prisoners, 11 of whom are being force-fed by military personnel.


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