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Daniel McGowan Released from Federal Detention


The Center for Constitutional Rights and journalist Kevin Gosztola report that anarchist environmental activist and former Earth Liberation Front prisoner Daniel McGowan has been released from a federal prison in Brooklyn, a day after he was taken into custody by federal authorities.

Also confirmed was what landed McGowan back in prison, his April 1 piece for The Huffington Post, which, cryptically, dealt with his former confinement in Communications Management Units, secretive facilities in maximum security prisons which severely restrict inmates communications. The Bureau of Prisons cited a statute forbidding BOP prisoners from publishing under a by-line as their justification for jailing McGowan yesterday. When the CCR pointed out that this measure had been deemed unconstitutional in 2007 and had been rejected by the BOP in 2010, McGowan was released back to the halfway house where he has resided since his release last year.

For more on this story, visit the CCR.


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