Statement from the Radicle: One Year of Anarchy!

This article appeared in the April 2013 print edition of the Portland Radicle.

Dearest Readers,

It’s a pleasure to speak to you. We don’t usually, as space is limited and we prefer that our work speak for itself. But it’s our anniversary! It has been one year since the first Radicle hit the streets. We came out of an anarchist general assembly and have been edited by a small and committed collective for the past 11 issues.

This is an anarchist project in every sense: we all have free reign to suggest content, write it, solicit it, find art, or make it ourselves. We all co-edit when we can and we make decisions together in a consistent, if not formal fashion. We voice our opinions about what to include, our thoughts about individual pieces, layout, everything. While those employed in hierarchical media organizations would find this insane, it is actually an enlivening practice, and it is reflective of the society we wish to create: one with no bosses, and one in which we can meet as equals to creatively engage with this messy world.

We do print media because it is egalitarian. Anyone can find our paper and do with it what they will. (Big ups to whoever is wheat-pasting issues in public spaces around town!) You don’t need expensive technology to access it and, hopefully, it speaks to those who have never considered these thoughts and viewpoints. We wish to present space for ideas, not shoehorn our own into people’s consciousnesses. These ideas are received best when they are freely available for everyone to consider. This is a free paper in every sense, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need resources! Printing costs money, so we’d gladly accept donations in order to keep this project going. You can do so on our site.

We invite all of our readers to contribute, to come find us, pitch stories, or submit art. You can do so by writing to us at theportlandradicle@riseup.net or going to our website at portlandradicle.wordpress.com/write. We’re also working on making ourselves more available to you, so that you can pitch to us, and we can work on pieces together.

Finally, this year has been trying because of the political repression experienced by anarchist communities in the Pacific Northwest. The government is stalking around, subpoenaing this and raiding that, trying to put down the spirit of resistance that is very much alive here. We document not only what they do but how people respond. We take enormous pleasure in the diversity and ferocity in the ways people fight for liberation and against oppression.


For another year of anarchy,

The Portland Radicle



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