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Friday News: May 31, 2013

An Eritrean man formerly living in Portland is suing the FBI over his 2011 torture in the United Arab Emirates. The man, Yonas Fikre, said he was contacted by FBI agents at his Southwest Portland mosque. The agents tried to convince Fikre to become an informant, and he refused. He was put on a no-fly … Continue reading

Thursday News: May 30, 2013

Genetically-modified wheat has been discovered growing in Eastern Oregon. The discovery was made when a wheat farmer sprayed gyphosphate herbicide on wheat, which had no effect on the crops. An investigation began May 3, with the US Department of Agriculture confirming the presence of herbicide-transgenes used by Monsanto in trials that lasted from 1998 to … Continue reading

Wednesday News: May 29, 2013

Anarchist hacker Jeremy Hammond announced that he was accepting a non-cooperating guilty plea deal, admitting he took part in the breach of Stratfor, a private intelligence group, which stole credit card information and millions of e-mails, the latter of which were handed over to Wikileaks. Hammond still faces a possible ten-year sentence when sentencing begins … Continue reading

Tuesday News: May 28, 2013

In Portland, a few thousand protesters showed up to hold a march against agribusiness Monsanto on Saturday, marking a global day of action against the company and genetically-modified foods. Three thousand workers at a Nike garment factory in Cambodia’s Kampong Speu province were attacked by riot police when they protested outside their workplace for better … Continue reading

Friday News: May 24, 2013

As expected yesterday, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that he would end the CIA’s participation in the drone program, suggesting that he would urge judicial or other oversight in order to approve assassinations by drones. Human rights campaigners, however, are critical of the premise that the United States will still maintain, as official policy, what … Continue reading

Thursday News: May 23, 2013

In a speech today, Barack Obama will announce that the drone assassination program will be moved to the Pentagon and that restrictions will be placed on where the killings can take place, meaning that they can only occur in countries that America is explicitly at war with. He will also announce his renewed intention to … Continue reading

The War at Home: Boston and the Repression of Muslims and Radicals

by Mike On Monday, April 15, two bombs exploded at the finish line at the Boston Marathon, killing three and wounding 264 more, some with gruesome injuries. What followed seemed like September 11 in miniature, as a panicked public was reassured by authorities and the press went into overdrive. A tense week lead up to … Continue reading

Wednesday News: May 22, 2013

Grand jury resister Jerry Koch was found in civil contempt and taken into federal custody in New York City yesterday. He refused to testify in a grand jury investigating a 2008 bombing of a military recruitment center in Times Square, when a small explosive device damaged the windows of the center. Koch is not a … Continue reading

Tuesday News: May 21, 2013

Undercover police used to ensnare the NATO 5, Chicago residents accused of terrorism and arrested before the 2012 North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Chicago, are still out in Chicago, pretending to be activists and gathering information. New York City anarchist and grand jury resister Jerry Koch has a contempt hearing today, after which, if … Continue reading

We’re All in This Together

by Relating Ships  A few years after I got married I realized how selfish my decision was. How could I privilege one person over everyone when I hold the capacity to simply, love? Now, I want to be your wife because I think it has potential as a social and political construct. I don’t want … Continue reading