Wednesday News: May 22, 2013

  • Grand jury resister Jerry Koch was found in civil contempt and taken into federal custody in New York City yesterday. He refused to testify in a grand jury investigating a 2008 bombing of a military recruitment center in Times Square, when a small explosive device damaged the windows of the center. Koch is not a suspect in the bombing, but prosecutors allege that he was present at a bar where the bombing was discussed. He also refused to testify in 2009.
  • Accused Earth Liberation Front prisoner Rebecca Rubin has been moved from custody in Portland to St. Helens. Rubin was a named defendant in the cases resulting from the FBI’s Operation Backfire, a national police action that targeted former ELF and Animal Liberation Front militants. She evaded arrest for nearly ten years in Canada, before surrendering in November 2012.
  • Portland voters rejected fluoridating the city’s water. We urge fluoride opponents to temper their swelling faith in electoral politics and get on with their fucking lives because there is much more important and fundamental shit to spend your rage on.
  • An FBI agent and Massachusetts state police shot and killed a man in Orlando, Florida whom they were questioning about his association with suspected Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Police said that the man attacked them with a knife and they responded with gunfire.
  • TRIGGER WARNING (references to sexual assault): A U.S. Army sergeant at West Point has been accused of secretly taping female cadets in the shower. The military was exposed for a rampant culture of sexual assault in March, which has accompanied high-profile stories of sexual assault-prevention staff committing sexual assaults.


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