Friday News: May 31, 2013

A protester occupying an Istanbul, Turkey park in a cloud of tear gas.

  • An Eritrean man formerly living in Portland is suing the FBI over his 2011 torture in the United Arab Emirates. The man, Yonas Fikre, said he was contacted by FBI agents at his Southwest Portland mosque. The agents tried to convince Fikre to become an informant, and he refused. He was put on a no-fly list while in Sudan in 2010, and turned over to plainclothes police in the UAE, who tortured and interrogated him for 106 days. Fikre is a naturalized US citizen who now lives in Stockholm, Sweden, but his status on the no-fly list means he cannot return to the US.
  • At the company’s shareholder meeting in Dallas, Texas Wednesday, Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson maintained that the world will run on oil for the foreseeable future and asked “What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?” Now that’s capitalism, y’all. While the remarks weren’t quite “God’s work,” they are some balls.
  • Russian anarchists are asking for donations to bail out Alexey Sutuga, who was arrested after being involved in a fight at an antifascist concert staffed with racist security in April 2102. Russian “extremism” police have kept Sutuga imprisoned for more than a year.
  • Mexico and Israel are in discussions to coordinate security in order to suppress the nearly 20-year Zapatista insurrection in Chiapas. Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca, the secretary of public security in Chiapas made the remarks earlier this month.
  • The Nike garment factory strike in Cambodia, which began on Monday, is continuing abetted, as 4,000 garment workers walked off the job demanding better wages. More than 20 workers have been injured by police during the strike. The workers are seeking a $14 monthly increase in wages, in addition to the $74 they earn.
  • The occupation of Taksim Gezi Park in Istanbul has continued with fresh violence being meted out by riot police on protesters seeking to block the construction of a shopping mall at the site of the city park. Protesters have occupied the park, blocked excavation equipment and planted trees to replace those torn our by demolition crews. Police have responded with tear gas and water cannons.
  • Thousands of German anti-austerity protesters blockaded the European Central Bank in Frankfurt today, erecting barricades and calling the action “Blockupy.”
  • If you’re black and in Florida, don’t look at cops. Happy Friday and fuck all police.


One thought on “Friday News: May 31, 2013

  1. Confront corporatization of KBOO June 3 Monday, 20 SE 8th, 6
    pm: Board meeting

    Posted by savekboo | May 31, 2013, 9:28 pm

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