Monday News: June 10, 2013

  • On Saturday, the identity of the man who leaked National Security Agency documents to the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald detailing massive surveillance became known. Edward Snowden, a former CIA operative and NSA contractor copied the documents and left his home in Hawaii for Hong Kong, where he’s holed up in a hotel.
  • Also on Saturday, a U.S. drone strike killed nine people in northwest Pakistan.
  • Protests in Turkey continue, as protesters pack Taksim Square in Istanbul, while in Ankara protesters gathered in Kizilay Square. Police again used tear gas and water cannons on protesters, and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed supporters in Ankara, calling the protesters “looters”.
  • Greek anarchist and alleged Conspiracy of Cells of Fire militant Tasos Theofilou is set to begin his trial in Athens today. Theofilou is accused of a bank robbery on Paros Island in which one person who tried to interfere was shot and killed.
  • The Animal Liberation Front has released an updated compendium of fur farms called The Final Nail #4, kicking off what they call “Fur Farm Raiding Season.”
  • Italian anarchist Francesco Puglisi, who fled Italy after his 14-year conviction for property destruction during the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa was arrested in Barcelona, Spain on June 5. He most likely has been moved to Madrid while he awaits extradition.
  • If you were missing Tides of Flame, Seattle’s got a new insurrectionist paper called Storming Heaven.
  • Torrential rains are devastating Midwestern farmlands that were beset by record droughts last year, drowning crops, or in some cases, preventing them from being planted.
  • A monsoon in Sri Lanka has killed 40 people, with 30 still missing.


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