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“Sometimes We Had a Brick” An Interview with former SHAC 7 prisoners Jake Conroy and Josh Harper

by Mike Klepfer Jake Conroy and Josh Harper are two former prisoners. Part of the animal rights campaign Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), the two were engaged in an international effort against the private animal experimentation laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), which drew activist ire after undercover video showed HLS workers abusing animals; punching beagle … Continue reading

Crimethinc’s Rolling Thunder: A Review

A look at issue 10 of Crimethinc’s “anarchist journal of dangerous living” by Mike Klepfer Like many anarchists roughly my age, I remember being captivated by the Seattle World Trade Organization protests in 1999. The short, confrontational period that followed at trade summits all over the world, when coupled with radical environmental actions by the … Continue reading

Dr. Marie Equi: A Portland Firebrand

Marie Equi was a lesbian, anarchist, feminist, abortion and birth control advocate and lifelong radical. by Matt Marie Equi was born in 1872 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. She dropped out of school at age 8 to work in the textile mills until age 13, briefly leaving the states for a few years to live in … Continue reading