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A Dispatch from the Anti-Capitalist General Assembly

by Culture of Resistance This article appeared in the April 2013 print edition of the Portland Radicle. March 16th marked the first of what we hope will be many gatherings in an effort to facilitate communication, networking, and solidarity among local anti-capitalists. Our common efforts demand coordinated strategies and efforts, and it is with this … Continue reading

Law and Disorder 2013

This article appeared in the April 2013 print edition of the Portland Radicle. We are excited to announce the Fourth Annual Law and Dis- order Conference, May 10-12th 2013, at Portland State University. This year’s conference features a special panel about grand jury resistance with members of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression and the … Continue reading

Blocs: Black and Otherwise

May Day is an international celebration of the working class. It has historical ties to anarchists and hundreds of thousands of others who agitated for an eight-hour workday. Four anarchists engaged in that struggle were hanged in Chicago in 1887, falsely accused of a bombing which took place at a rally shortly after May Day the … Continue reading

Dear Emma: April 2013

This article appeared in the April 2013 print edition of the Portland Radicle. Dear Emma, The Pacific Northwest has been dealing with state repression that has affected communities across the region. How can we continue to build trust, friendship and community during this time of increased state surveillance and negative media attention? How do we … Continue reading

Grand Jury Refusers Katherine Olejnik and Matthew Duran Are Free

The Stranger reports that Katherine Olejnik & Matthew Duran will be set free tomorrow. It’s wonderful news and we hope that people will continue to support Maddy, who will hopefully will be released soon as well!

Newly Unsealed Documents in PNW Grand Jury Show Weak Evidence

        by No one The US Circuit Court in Seattle unsealed a search warrant and corresponding affidavit relating to the grand jury investigating anarchists thought to be involved in May Day protests in Seattle last year. The revelation of the documents comes from a motion that the National Lawyers’ Guild filed on … Continue reading

Dear Emma

Dear Emma, Do you think anarchists should always tell people they are anarchists? With social networks like Facebook, it feels like everyone has a public identity because so much personal stuff can be unearthed by strangers so easily and for such a long time afterwards. Because I don’t choose to reject capitalist-controlled society, I sometimes … Continue reading

Home Is Where Our Hearts Are

When we engage in revolutionary work, we’re acting from a deep place of caring: caring for ourselves, for our fellow humans, for the planet—sometimes all of these, sometimes just one.  At times, we forget to care for ourselves and at others we are only motivated by the pain we carry.  Whatever the mix, the righteous … Continue reading

The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin

When I first heard Corey Robin speak on radio shows such as Behind the News with Doug Henwood and Against the Grain I was immediately intrigued by his critical insight and originality. After reading his blog for several months, I finally had the pleasure of reading his book, The Reactionary Mind. While most of its … Continue reading

Sending Seeds of Revolt Out on the Wind

My house was raided by the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force last month. Like an anonymous comrade who is laying low to avoid a subpoena, I want to make it very clear that I am not a victim. As an anarchist I am opposed to the state in its entirety – it is my … Continue reading