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Crimethinc’s Rolling Thunder: A Review

A look at issue 10 of Crimethinc’s “anarchist journal of dangerous living” by Mike Klepfer Like many anarchists roughly my age, I remember being captivated by the Seattle World Trade Organization protests in 1999. The short, confrontational period that followed at trade summits all over the world, when coupled with radical environmental actions by the … Continue reading

Review of Direct Action: An Ethnography

A Review of David Graeber’s Direct Action: An Ethnography 2009, AK Press by Jake What strikes one first about this book is its structure. Rather than have multiple chapters steadily build towards a point about direct action, Graeber chooses to start the book with an account of his experiences surrounding the protests against the Free … Continue reading

The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin

When I first heard Corey Robin speak on radio shows such as Behind the News with Doug Henwood and Against the Grain I was immediately intrigued by his critical insight and originality. After reading his blog for several months, I finally had the pleasure of reading his book, The Reactionary Mind. While most of its … Continue reading

Paul Goodman, Out of Obscurity

By Matthew HoustonPaul Goodman was considered by many the “philosopher of the New Left,” a person whose writings and reflections had profound impact on the generation of the 60s, and the resurgence of his works in the last few years is heartening. In 2010, PM Press published three works: The Paul Goodman Reader, Drawing the … Continue reading

Rich People Things: Real-Life Secrets of the Predator Class a Review by Jake

This is a fun, easy read and a delightful expose of many supposedly unbiased American institutions for what they truly are: instruments of the ruling elite. Lehmann’s book covers the obvious (Ayn Rand) and the less-obvious (Malcolm Gladwell); it would probably be most usefully read by liberals to disabuse them of their assumptions that groups … Continue reading