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May Days: A Worldwide Reportback

  May Day is a celebration of working class struggle observed worldwide. It’s also called International Worker’s Day. The holiday began in the United States, to commemorate the struggle for an eight-hour workday. On May 1, 1884, hundreds of thousands of workers marched nationwide to demand an eight-hour day. May Day also commemorates the lives … Continue reading

From Ferguson to Portland: Stop the Police Killing of Black and Poor People

On August 9, a white police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown. Accounts by police and witnesses differ as to how it happened. Ferguson police said that Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Brown after Brown attacked him in his cruiser. Witnesses at the scene said that Brown was attacked by Wilson and had his hands up in surrender as he was shot. That day Brown’s dead and bleeding body lay on the concrete where he fell, uncovered for four hours, before it was removed. Continue reading

On Kiki

Preface A note before we start: I do not know Sergey Turzhanskiy, herein referred to as “Kiki,” which is how a lot of people know them. Because I have never met this person, and acknowledging this person will be in an extremely vulnerable position, I want to say that I am not addressing Kiki’s conviction … Continue reading

Multiple houses in Olympia and Seattle visited by the FBI this morning

From the Committee Against Political Repression: Multiple houses in Olympia and Seattle visited by the FBI this morning. At least 2 houses in Olympia and 2 in Seattle were visited this morning by the FBI, looking for a few different people. At least one of the people is being sought because the FBI wants to … Continue reading

Thursday News Round-up: April 11, 2013

Cops in London are apparently shitting bricks since anarchists announced they would hold a massive party in Trafalgar Square to celebrate the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died this week. Authorities are promising the biggest security operation since the 2012 Olympics for Thatcher’s funeral procession. The Peak, an anarchist publication out of … Continue reading

Monday News Round-up: April 1, 2013

May Day anti-capitalist march announced in Seattle. One person who has successfully evaded a subpoena from the federal grand jury seeking to prosecute property destruction at the May Day march in Seattle last year checks in with a message. International coalition deciding on whether to purchase airliner-sized “Global Hawk” drones, deploy them to spy on China … Continue reading

Friday News Round-up: March 22, 2013

After a grand jury clears the Portland Police Bureau officers who shot and killed Merle Hatch on February 17, transcripts are released describing Hatch’s actions. Report from the U.S.’s newest drone base in Africa, located in Niger. New federal indictment of alleged terrorist could shed light on CIA’s kidnapping regime. In other news, the CIA … Continue reading

Wednesday News Round-up: March 20, 2013

Barack Obama serenades Binyamin Netanyahu with a stirring rendition of “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles upon his arrival in Israel. Computer networks devoted to South Korean broadcasters and banks crashed last night, giving news outlets an excuse to breathlessly write “cyber-warfare.” Gawker yesterday published former President George W. Bush’s e-mail address. Egypt’s police force, largely responsible … Continue reading

Tuesday News Round-up: March 19, 2013

Cyprus’s parliament is looking like they will reject bailout conditions that would have withdrawn money from bank depositors as a mean to partially fund their emergency loan from Germany. Vice has an interview with Enric Durán, a Spanish anti-capitalist who took out $642,306 in loans from 39 banks he never intended to repay and used the proceeds … Continue reading

Never Idle: Gord Hill on Indigenous Resistance in Canada

A condensed version of this article appeared in the March 2013 issue of The Portland Radicle. Radicle: Could you explain how indigenous power is apportioned in Canada and the Assembly of First Nations? Gord Hill: The AFN is comprised of all the band council chiefs. We refer to them as the “Indian Act chiefs” because … Continue reading