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Support Your Local Squatters

Support Your Local Squatters by Hopscotch I squat and I am not intimidated of the Portland Police Bureau, for-hire security, park rangers or any bank. Nor do I feel obligated to pay for housing. I’m not intimidated by continuous busts of individuals who make use of open space for housing and community needs. I see … Continue reading

Review of Direct Action: An Ethnography

A Review of David Graeber’s Direct Action: An Ethnography 2009, AK Press by Jake What strikes one first about this book is its structure. Rather than have multiple chapters steadily build towards a point about direct action, Graeber chooses to start the book with an account of his experiences surrounding the protests against the Free … Continue reading

Weekly Link Round-Up 9/24/12-10/1/2012

A gathering of worthwhile links of interest both old and new. Presence here does not indicate agreement on our part. Protesters Take to Street in Madrid Citybikes Co-op Maintains Antisemitic President, Portland Anti-racists Call for Boycott of Business Who’s afraid of Muslim Rage? Why I Refuse to Vote for Barack Obama Obama’s Scramble for Africa … Continue reading