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The Grand Jury date has been pushed back. More info on dates when we get it.

Weekly Link Round Up August 8/21-8/27

A gathering of worthwhile links of interest both old and new. Presence here does not indicate agreement on our part. Kasama Project: Remembering George Jackson & re-thinking revolutionary strategy What’s wrong with activism? SeaSol and the Sanctity of Small Businesses How does class matter? Horizontal Power Hour Against the Grain You Gotta Work the Culture If … Continue reading

Weekly Link Round-Up 8/14-8/20/12

Why Don’t American Students Strike? Impressions from the International Anarchism Gathering at St. Imier, Switzerland The Key To Power The 2012 Strike in Quebec: Full Report ANC Throws Off Its Mask! Video: The New Zapatistas? Richard Aoki, Man Who Armed Black Panthers, Was FBI Informant Richard Aoki: Snitch Jacketing 2.0? The Wrong Reasons to Back … Continue reading

Weekly Link Round-Up 8/7-8/13/12

A gathering of worthwhile links of interest both old and new. Presence here does not indicate agreement on our part.   News: Reclaiming the Forests and the Right to Feel Safe Analysis: Intakes: Communities, commodities and class in the August 2011 riots Analysis: Between the Leninists and the Clowns: Avoiding recklessness and professionalism in revolutionary … Continue reading

Feds Raid Three Homes, Target Anarchists Across Northwest

by Mike On Wednesday, July 25, agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Joint Terrorism Taskforce raided homes in Portland, OR, seizing evidence and serving subpoenas for a federal grand jury that will convene in Seattle, WA on August 2. No arrests were made, but agents took electronics, black clothing and anarchist literature … Continue reading

Tell It Like It Isn’t: Portland Police and Press Smear Anarchist Squatters

by Mike From the Editorial Collective: A version of this story appeared in the August print edition. Corrections have been made to respect the preferred gender pronouns of the primary source in this story. After apologizing personally,  the author submitted the following changes, substituting “they/their” pronouns for the female-gendered pronouns used in print. The Radicle … Continue reading

Solidarity with Children

by Martin C. Evans (cc) My first vision of solidarity with my daughter came when she was a few centimeters tall, a four-month fetus, a radicle. My partner was carrying her as we backpacked across miles of clearcuts and ancient forests, wading through marshes and scrambling down talus. We were there to find out the … Continue reading

Interview with Alexander Baretich on the topic of Cascadia

The first part of this interview was published in our July 2012 issue.  The complete interview will be available soon on our website. Emily: What are some Cascadian or bioregional views on people’s relationships to nature, to land and resources? Alexander Baretich: Bioregionalism itself started with Peter Berg in the 1970s, and he had written … Continue reading